Magic, Casting spells and their Effects

Every spell in the game consists of several parts:

·       way of transferring the spell (carrier)

·       effect of the spell

·       way of casting the spell (magical formula, gesticulation, dance,…)

·       cost of the spell in magenergy (mag, MG)

It´s obligatory for every player to know the bold text, no matter what the character knows/doesn´t know about magic.


Way of transferring a spell

There are different ways of transferring a spell from a source (magician, scroll,..) to a target. Basic ways:

To magician´s staff: The staffs themselves don´t cause any physical injury, they are used only for the purpose of transferring the magical spells. The staffs have to be softened just like weapons and have to be approved at the registration.

Effects of spells

The effects of combat spells are currently limited to a certain amount. Every effect has it´s keyword. Keywords are the basics of the current system and it´s obligatory that everyone (players and their characters) knows the keywords!

Outside of combat more effects can exist, which takes longer to explain. These spells are casted exclusively outside of combat, where the source can properly explain the effect of the spell to the target. (For example spells causing certain hallucinations – the cleric´s magic or similar, is  purely non-combat.)

Combat spells and the keywords

The most important part of this article. It´s important to know the keywords in Czech – at least their czech phonetic transcription.

* there are objects in the game called “pasti” – traps. Characters with the skill Pasti – Traps can create those. Connected with those are the keywords:

Approve of the form, casting and the cost of a spell

These informations are partially secret, meant only for Mages and other magical characters, but generally the cost of a spell and the time of it´s casting depends on the combination of the effect and the way the spell is transferred. The form and precise casting is always approved by the Master and after its creation, the spell is recorded in the magical book!

The term “combat“ – many skills and effects in the game refer to the combat (“ till the end of the combat”,…). Boundaries of the situation combat are pretty intuitive – following definitions describes and limits the combat in the game:

For every character any activity, caused by the character itself or by the surrounding towards the character can start a combat. (The start of the combat is for example an enemy running towards the character with it´s weapon ready to strike.) The combat ends with the moment a fight or a battle, in which the character took part, ends, or the character runs far enough not to see or hear anything from the fight anymore. (For example when a character takes part in a fight against bandits, then makes a pause to sit down by a tree while the others are still fighting or trying to talk their way out of it, and the character then rejoins the battle – it´s still one combat – the skills (Resistance,..) don´t reset, effects are still valid,…)